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Kia dealers in indianapolis have something to brag about the top safety pick forte

Kia dealers in Indianapolis have something to brag about: the &”Top Safety Pick&” Forte

Not only is Kia up-and-coming as a well-known name in the U.S. auto market, but with the honor of having the Kia Forte sedan named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the safety that Kia owners count on will now be more evident to the rest of the car buying public. Kia has had much success with newer models like the Soul and Forte, and Kia dealers in Indianapolis have reason to be excited about this prestigious award. Many of the customers attracted to the Kia brand are looking at safety as among top criteria in purchasing a vehicle.
Although efficiency is important (We can all use smaller fuel bills, right?), for most parents I think safety supersedes cost anytime. Of course, the Kia models are known for being fuel efficient as well, so it’s like getting two scoops of ice cream for the price of one. The Forte also offers a bit of a different, funky look which is nice when you look at all the clone cars on the road today. Kia’s parent company Hyundai has worked to bring both brand names to the forefront in our car market here in America and the sporty, even funky new models have created a lot of buzz. For buyers of the Kia Forte, Indianapolis dealerships will now offer the new 2011 Kia Sportage and Optima as cars to look forward to. The best thing about these new models, aside from their sleeker designs and wonderful interiors is that they still retain the safety features that have made the 2010 Forte tops on the list.
For parents with young children riding in the car, or parents of older children who are driving the car, the “Good” rating, the highest possible, achieved by the Forte should give peace of mind. In crash tests for front , side and rear impact and even for rollovers the Forte passed with flying colors. Kia dealers in Indianapolis will be able to provide specific statistic on the safety features of the Forte and other Kia models.
Not only should we as customers be reassured, but the Forte will be considered real competition for the likes of the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, which have received these same ratings. What a boost for a brand that was little-known a decade ago from the Kia Forte. Indianapolis dealers are committed to offering excellent service for buyers who want to get into that safe ride as soon as possible.
Personally, as a parent, this will be a car I look at when it’s time to trade (and it’s almost time to trade). The front, side and curtain airbags in the Forte and its numerous other safety features such as front active headrests, three-point seat belts, anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Control, traction control system, brake assist, tire pressure monitoring system, side-impact door beams, and a LATCH system for child car seats makes the Forte an easy choice.

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Waukegan kia sorento will feature uvo infotainment system

Waukegan Kia Sorento Will Feature Uvo Infotainment System

I’m a huge technology geek, so you know I love new advancements in infotainment from major car manufacturers. To be completely frank, I’m not big into cars in general. I like a car that can handle well and get me from Point A to Point B, but I’m not terribly wrapped up in features like power and style. Granted, I know an ugly car when I see one, but I’d never buy a Mini Cooper anyway. I’m much more focused on finding a car that is cutting-edge on the inside, rather than under the hood, and infotainment technology is headed into the next decade as part of the auto industry’s drive to get it together.
For its part, Kia has been on top of its game since the big auto bust at the end of ’08 and beginning of ’09. In fact, Kia logged some of the best sales numbers in the industry over 2009, a fact that puts the Korean automaker on the leader board after a less than stellar year from almost all other manufacturers – and especially the Big Three. It makes sense that Kia would do well over this period, as the manufacturer has some of the most stylish, reliable and fuel efficient vehicles for a much closer to budget price. Waukegan Kia Sorento drivers are among some of the consumers that made the smartest financial decisions in 2009.
And now, the big announcement from Kia. A brand new infotainment system called “Uvo” will launch this year, providing hands-free entertainment and information for Waukegan Kia Sorento drivers. The “Your Voice (Uvo)” System was showcased among the innovations at the recent Detroit Auto Show, where Kia said the technology would serve as a competitor to Ford Motor’s Sync system. The first vehicle to be outfitted with the new technology will be the 2011 Kia Sorento, one of the brand’s top selling models that will launch its latest and greatest market contender a little later this year. You can check out some older Kia Sorento models at Round Lake used cars dealers everywhere. The technology will allow drivers to leverage voice commands in controlling phones and music.
The Uvo system’s “jukebox” is a USB port that will give owners the ability to store songs to a one-gigabyte storage system. To control the system, owners will be able to take advantage of the voice command functionality or use a 4.3-inch touch screen display. Buy the new vehicle when it hits the market and you’ll also be able to take advantage of a rear-view camera; buy Waukegan used car, and you’ll still get a lot of the primary functionality associated with the Kia Sorento.
Round Lake used cars are still a great choice in the market, but you won’t be able to leverage the brand new Uvo system when you buy Waukegan used car. The Korean automaker has embarked on a viral marketing campaign to prove that their voice recognition technology is better than competing systems that will also hit the market in the next year. Keep your eyes open and see for yourself.

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Kia rio check engine light help kia rio check engine light is on

Kia Rio Check Engine Light – Help: Kia Rio Check Engine Light Is On

What should I do if my Kia Rio Check Engine Light is on? Sometimes, an illuminated check engine light will represent a minor problem, but often it means your Kia Rio will need expensive repairs. Read this article to learn what you should do if your Kia Rio Check Engine Light turns on.

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Your first defense against high repair costs is to get an extended warranty for your Kia Rio. If the check engine light being on does represent a significant problem with your vehicle’s transmission, brakes, engine or electrical system, it could cost thousands to repair your Kia Rio. An extended warranty will protect you from these high repair costs. Right now, you can get a free quote on an extended warranty for your Kia Rio – so click on the link below and request a free, no obligation quote today:

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Kia makes some terrific automobiles, but every car and truck on the road will run into problems at some point. If the check engine light of your Kia Rio is on, you could be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle. Don’t risk this expense – get an Kia Rio Extended Warranty and protect yourself now! It takes just a few seconds to get a free extended warranty quote – you have nothing to lose and hundreds or even thousands of dollars to save!


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Gurnee kia sportage joined on lots by well priced kia forte koup

I don’t remember laughing (I’m sure some people did) when Kia brought its first car to the United States less than two decades ago, but I certainly wasn’t rushing out to buy one either. Now, though, as any Gurnee Kia Sportage owner can tell you, Kia has made its mark in the U.S. market and it just keeps pulling out the stops.
Market analysts are predicting this will be another record sales year for Kia and sister company Hyundai. The new Kia Forte Koup may just be a big help in reaching that goal. The Koup concept vehicle was unveiled in 2008 at the New York International Auto Show and has been winning awards and the hearts of customers ever since.
Round Lake Kia Rondo dealers are confident that customers will love the low, sleek sporty style of the Koup. Aggressive yet coolly contemporary in design with wrap-around headlights a rear diffuser and dual exhaust, the Koup offers lots of extras as well.
If the dual chrome exhaust outlets don’t grab your attention, check out the body color bumpers, 16-inch alloy wheels and the power heated exterior mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators. The Koup will seat five without any squeeze and has a lower stance and slightly shorter length than its sister model. More aerodynamic with less drag, it will remain stable at high speeds.
When you’re shopping at Gurnee Kia Sportage dealers, be sure to get a close look at the new Forte Koup. It promises and delivers a smooth ride, responds well and still retains all the attitude you want in a sports car. Sharp curves are no challenge with a turning circle of 33.9 feet. The Koup also gives a quiet ride, incorporating noise-reducing materials throughout the vehicle.
Did I mention spacious? Not only can you fit five without squeezing, but with 90.7 cubic feet inside you will have shifting room. There are 38.7 inches of headroom for those in the front seats and 35.3 inches for those in back. The legroom is what’s really impressive, though. There are 43.6 inches of legroom in front and 33.9 inches in the rear. Even for those long-legged teens riding in back that’s a vast improvement over most models.
Still have lots of stuff to pack in after you settle five people? Not a problem. With 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space, and expansion with the 60/40 split folding rear seats, you can fit in everyone’s must-haves and then some.
Many other features will make Round Lake Kia Rondo customers take notice of the Forte Koup. Remote keyless entry, tons of audio and visual technology, cruise control with wheel-mounted controls and really comfortable seats are all major selling points.
So, anyone who was amused by the little Korean car company a few years ago may as well check out the Forte Koup and other must-see models. Kia’s a contender, people!

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Kia forte check engine light kia forte problems

Kia Forte Check Engine Light – Kia Forte Problems

Kia Forte Check Engine Light – Kia Forte Problems. Has the check engine light turned on in your Kia Forte? The check engine light often signals that there is a serious problem with your Kia vehicle. If your Kia Forte check engine light is on, you should protect yourself from expensive repairs by getting an extended warranty for your automobile.

*** Click Here to Get A Free Quote on an Extended Warranty for Your Kia Forte ***

If you drive a Kia Forte and the check engine light (also called a service engine light) has become illuminated, your vehicle might need serious repairs. If your Forte is not under warranty, it could cost you thousands of dollars to fix this problem. The best way of protecting yourself from expensive repairs is by getting an extended warranty for your Kia Forte – click on the button below and request a free quote on any extended warranty for any vehicle right now – it takes less than 2 minutes to get your FREE quote and it could save you thousands of dollars!

Kia makes excellent vehicles, but every car and truck on the road is just one problem away from thousands of dollars in repairs. If your vehicle is not under a manufacturer’s warranty, you need to consider getting an extended warranty right now. Even if your Kia Forte is still under warranty, the check engine light could be signaling a problem which isn’t covered by Kia’s warranty. Don’t risk paying thousands of dollars to fix your Kia Forte, consider an extended warranty today.

Protect Yourself from Expensive Kia Forte Repairs – Get An Extended Warranty for Your Vehicle Now!


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Kia optima recall kia recalls

Kia Optima Recall – Kia Recalls

Kia makes excellent vehicles and the Kia Optima is no exception. If you drive a Kia Optima, you should learn how to protect yourself from potential Kia recalls. Automobile recalls have been all over the news recently – read this article to learn how to protect yourself in case of a Kia Optima Recall – Kia Recalls

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Even the highest quality Kia vehicles will eventually run into mechanical problems (such as engine or transmission problems). Unfortunately, this usually happens once Kia’s warranty is no longer there to protect you from the high cost of automotive repairs. If you aren’t protected, just one major problem or Kia recall can cost you thousands of dollars. An extended warranty will protect you from the significant cost of repairing these problems and gives you peace of mind knowing that your Kia Optima will be taken care of in the event that expensive repairs are required.

Protect Yourself From Expensive Car Repairs – Get A FREE Online Quote for an Extended Warranty in Seconds!

With so many automobile recalls currently in the news, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your Kia Optima by getting an extended warranty. It takes just a few seconds to receive a free, no obligation quote for an extended warranty for your vehicle, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the near future. Get a FREE quote on Kia Optima Extended Warranty today!

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