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Chicago new toyota dealer takes the sienna for a spin

Chicago New Toyota Dealer Takes The 2011 Sienna For A Spin While the recent recalls have definitely marred the manufacturer’s name in the industry, Toyota has continued to stand strong in the face of global economic disparity. After all, the Japanese manufacturer has contributed more to the new direction of the industry than any other […]

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Kia soul

2010 Kia Soul You may have noticed Kia’s ad campaign on TV. It’s called “Peer Into A Soul” and features three different situations with people staring into the camera with quizzical looks on their faces. One scenario involves a hitch-hiker looking for a ride at a backwoods diner, the other a couple of characters straight […]

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Chryslers lifetime powertrain warranty

Chrysler’s Lifetime Powertrain Warranty South Korean carmaker Hyundai Kia Autogroup set the standard for reliability in 1999 when it introduced it’s 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty on all car models on top of its already generous 5-year/60,000-mile coverage of almost all components. In recent years, Chrysler has been making a slow comeback with 67 percent of surveyed […]

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